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Living and working in Favrskov

Business Region Aarhus er et erhvervssamarbejde mellem Favrskov, Norddjurs, Odder, Samsø, Skanderborg, Syddjurs og Aarhus kommuner.
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Business Region Aarhus is working to create growth and jobs. Ous vision is to make the area one of the two leading growth and knowledge hubs in Denmark. Through launching growth initiatives, we are supporting developments in the area, making it attractive for entrepeneurs, newcomers and students.
In Business Region Aarhus, we collaborate across municipal boundaries to maintain and strengthen the Aarhus area's position as one of Denmark's two leading growth centres with an international outlook. The seven member municipalities are Favrskov, Norddjurs, Odder, Samsø, Skanderborg, Syddjurs and Aarhus. Business Region Aarhus launches business-related activities within business development and to improve the framework conditions.
Business Region Aarhus is headed by a political and a administrative steering group consisting of the mayors and chief executives in the area. The steering group meets as needed and when required, and its task is to set the direction and framework for collaboration to approve action plans and budgets and to follow up on the activities taking place within the collaboration.
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